April Walk


27th April 2019:    Blackstone Edge with Benny Hill !

Meet: Kay Street Car Park, Rawtenstall  9.50am

Carshare to Lydgate OL15 0LL off A58 at The Rake Tapas Bar out of Littleborough on Blackstone Edge Old Road. Arriving  around 10.40am.

From Lydgate,  we start the climb via an old packhorse road onto Blackstone Edge, reaching a height of 472 m above sealevel. Turning right to descend a little to follow a reservoir feed channel then a path veers off right to cross a shoulder of moor, Hoar Edge, then descending on a track passing a cairn and Dry Mere on Clegg Moor. We will then skirt around Benny Hill  to Sike Farm taking an ancient lane through  Hollingworth Fold and shortly join the road along the Lake embankment.        The Visitor Centre has cafe and toilets for our comfort before the last leg of the walk.  After the car park we follow a small beck and climb over a knoll to cross a stream. The path thenwriggles through birch woods then up to a wider path to Owlet Hall. Following a stream  will take us to Shore Lane Farm and a lane returns us to Lydgate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                6. 5 miles .

Come well shod with appropriate clothing for the likely weather forecast.

Bring your packed lunch and waterproof seat.